Top 15 Gladiator Players

With Gladiator Sports recently celebrating its 15th anniversary, we asked our coaches to list the top 15 Gladiators that played for them.

Coach Robb- I would like to first say that I've coached, instructed and worked with a good amount of talented young players here at Gladiator Sports. Trimming my list down to the top 15 is tough. A certain criteria had to be met for consideration. I was looking for more than just good basketball players. Every one of these players had to have been the top leaders in practice as well as on the court. My selected players needed heart, mental toughness, as well as skill. I will admit that there are a handful of names I purposely omitted from my list because they were more than likely to be listed on other coaches' lists. However, those players assuredly know who they are. With that said, I would put this list up against any group of players past & present. I'd go to war with these 15 Gladiators any day.

Shaakir Lindsey Jeremiah Aska Maurice Bailey
Donovan Adams Devin Amill Jamal Mitchell
Cody Daley Robbie Sequeira Chris Jenson
Nate Bolden Khalil Hall Angelica Nelson
Jamel Jones Darrell Bell Elijah Moody

Coach Matt

James Blair Donovan Adams Myles Myrick
Michael Dickey Jamal Mitchell Maurice Bailey
Devin Amill Jonathan Frazier Julius Richardson
Solieen Rann Christian Santana Brendan Clark
Nyasia Barner Thomas Hoffman Marcus Francis

Coach Steve- in addition to being a great player, I had to have coached you for at least 2 seasons for you to make my list. I had to make an exception for Jayison Edwards, who impressed with his leadership and skill in his short time with Gladiators. This 15 is deep in talent, heart and hustle.

Jaylen Denny Michael Dickey Kevin Dinkins
Demani Williams James Blair Deion King
Isaiah Moody Isaiah Coston Amani Emanuel
Sevion Leak Trey Davis Jinae Leibert
Jayison Edwards CJ Pridgen Marcus Francis

Coach Blair

Jaylen Denny Quincy Blair Kevin Dinkins
Randy Fulton Amani Emanuel Blake Duncan
Mason Matos Andre Duncan Darius Colds
Devon Morgan Jeshan Matthews Tion Mitchell

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